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Hurricane Harvey Survivor!

Storm Surviver!

Among all the stories of extreme destruction from Hurricane Harvey, there is a special vessel in Rockport Harbor that thumbed her nose at the reported 155 MPH winds. Pelagic would have survived unscathed had it not been for a large sailboat to port coming apart. The roller furling gear broke loose at the deck and was blown into Pelagic’s starboard stabilizer pole and thoroughly tangled in the rigging. As the eye of the storm passed and the wind reversed direction, the sail unfurled, pulling Pelagic hard to port and putting her rubrail and bulwarks into several pilings. Pelagic suffered no hull, propulsion, steering, or systems damage. Pelagic was the only wooden masted vessel in the harbor (there were about 12) whose mast was left standing. A spreader that captures the stabilizer pole was broken, and a stabilizer control strut bent. Many of the vessels lost windows, Pelagic none – thanks to the 12mm Garibaldi Tempered Yacht Grade glass forward and DuPont “Margard” 3/8” Polycarbonate aft. Pelagic has proven once again to be “One Tough Boat”!

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